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for $2$2 it's real odod at he right price, and it's only .at applebee's. it's's whole new neighborhood. () xcedrin pm. relieves pain fast. plus a sleep aid to help you fall fast leleep. excedrin. what ache? >>> tennis history was made today. roger federer holding off andy roddick in the longest final in any grand slam tournament. 77 games, in one match. the victory gave federer a record 15 grand slam titles, and restored him to the number one world ranking. >>> today, police in nashville released the first details of their investigation into the death of nfl quarterback steve mcnair. they say the key to solving this mystery is in the relationship between mcnair and the woman who died with him. from our partners at espn, here's bob holtzman. >> reporter: hundreds of stunned titans fans dropped by steve mcnair's nashville restaurant on sunday, covering the front windows and sidewalk with flowers and personal messages. police now say mcnair was murdered, but they haven't yet said who killed him. police found the murder weapon under the body of 20-year-old sahel kazemi. she was shot once i
back. daniel, the former u.s. open champion, and the applebee out there as well. >> right. >>> anyway, make sure you join us at 11:35 tonight for another edition of our special tiger town '09, full recap of the day here on the blue course. that is right after nine news now at 11 they knowing. for now we're live at congressional, back to you. >> you are out there with them all night. i bet you have the best jobs in the world. they say that was you behind him, waving the flag earlier. i don't know. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> right. >> security. >> all right, well you two might feel a bit differently when you talk about that what we first told you in january. they searched for a caretaker given bit tropical island off the coast. and well, the 4-year-old, they started the job yesterday. >> everyone, they are pronouncing it. the ultimate six-month time. to me and the rest of them and all of them, we know the job, that is a real position. he beat out 34 other applicants to get the job. and to swim, explore, relax, on the hamilton islands for six months, come on. >> right
sioin. applebee's 2or $20. 's reafood at the right ice, and it's got what takes for a real smer night out. 2 for $20. only at applebee's. it's a whole new nehborhood. >>> and so today, i'll rurn to the place where my political joney began back in 1978. back to touth side of ico. back to my community and my constituency. to announce, my friends, that i will not be a candidate in the 2010 ection. and that i will notun for united states senate at. >> that was senator roland burris announcin today he won't run for electionor the seat he was appoind t by rod blagojevich. we'rback with lynn sweet "chicago sun-times,"nd perry bacon for more "the polics fix." did he do the math and fig you're, can't win this seat, there'no sense trying? he had more upon in his pket than in hi campaign account, di't he? >> he did try. he meant to pay leaders in ma he tried to do some fund-raising the numbers weren'there. he toldme in may it doesn't matter what i want t do,f don't haveny money i can't run. and it took him awhile to realize th this was it. because did wanto try and get ected to theat he was app
, and it's only at applebee's. it's a whole new neighborhood. brenda: gary b.'s up. >> brenda, cheap is still in. at least it is in our household, and ainge lot of others. rost stores is the way to play this one. it's few retailers that's doing great. i think it's up 25% by the end of the year. brenda: i like that. >> a, it's had the run, and b, our numbers says that we are pulling back, that the consumer is going back in the bunker, so i think it's had its run. brenda: and what do you think you will do well? >> excellent segue. when the consumer goes back in the bunker, oil demand continues to go down. we saw the break of 60, i think we go down into the $50 range. d.u.g. is one of the e.t.f.'s to bet against oil here. go on twitter, though, so when you follow me, when we sell, it you sell it, ok? it's a trade. brenda: pat, should you even buy it? >> well, i would just note that every single one of the worst picks we had last week on the scoreboard was one of these inverse e.t.f.'s. i'll just leave it that. bend a. that means it's like a double down on the short. pat, your prediction
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, and 's got what it takes for a real summer night out. 2 r $20. only at applebee's. it's a wholeew neighborhood. i felt amangly boxed in. (annouerer) joe uses the contourur meter from bayer.. (joe) my meter absolutetely adapts to me nd my lifestyle. 'm joe james, and being outside of the box my simple win. (annncer) now avavaiblbl five vibrant colors. (annnnncer) transform m r water. women who drink crysystal light drink 2020% mo wer. crystal light. mae e a licious change. an evesixteenths wrench ovehere here you go. eleven sixteenths... (announcncer) from designing s some of the world's cleanest and most fl-ficient jeengis... to buiinmore wind turnenes tthan yone in thehe couryry. the people e of ge are workingng togetr... creating innovation tod for america's tomorr. thanks! >>> welcome back to "the ed show." nasa scrubbed the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." it is the fifth timethis crew has had failure to launch. let's go to bc's jay barberie at the kennedy spe center in ca canaval. the luck isn't withhis crew on the ground anyy, jay. is it all about t weaer >>sure isn'
. 's real food at thright price, and 's got what it takes for real summer night out. 2 for $2 only at applebee's. it's a whole new neighborhood. nothat's progressive. call or clictoto >>> welcome back to "hardball." time f the slide show. president obama i italy this week. we saw a misstep when the president trippedhis way through the dooay in italy. this particular photo snapped last night is getting a lot of look tonight here a orseas. the drud report featured it all last night and today, b it goes to show that sometimes a photogph can be misleading. now, let's wat e video of this exact moment. d you can be the referee on this one. the woman moves, he takes e hand- what was he really lookg at? let's see that again. he moves, he -- wherere his eyes? i -- i -- i don'tknow. i think -- but now watch e more time. watch car koee sarky. we are goingto circle sarkozy. yeah, okay. it ok like no foul for prident obama, but saozy, he is playing by the french rules. >>> next up, frankenes to waington. al franken was underestimated by everyone, especially the republic part from the day he an
at applebee's. >>>>> scscen as darkk as anyth out ofofhe nininn white hohous prpresenent sh calling the spital room of s ailinng, barelylyrtrticate attorney geral john ashcroft a over thobobjeions of ashcroft's wife to pressure the attttory y general to r reahohori what is now known as the presididenss surveillananprogram. our fourth story o on "t"the countdown" the l leg imimplatatio with jonathaha turley joioini u u in a a momen. we also knowafafr mr. ashcroft refused to reththize the president anan his w whe e use cosesel albertogogonzes found a way around i it making it up as they went along. fr today's report quoting. on the morning of m mahh 11 2004, with the presidential authorizatatiosesetoxxpi presididt t bu signed a new authorizatioion r r th p.p. in departure f fmmhe past practice ofaavi the attororyy generaleeify ee authorization as t toform and gagaty, the march 11 authorization wass rtrtifd by white house counsel gzazas. let't' ll in george washshinono univerersi l lawrofessor and constitutionalalxxrt jonathan tutueyey. good evening. >> hi, keieith >> all rht. ththe e
bucks. 2 for $20. it's real food at the right price, and it's only at applebee's. it's a whole new neighborhood. >> brand new just in to the fox news. michael phelps has just broken the world record for the 100-meter butterfly at the u.s. national championships in indianapolis. the win gives phelps a spot at the world championships later this month in rome. it's also something of a personal victory. phelps already held the world record for every event in which he competes except the 100-meter fly but that changed tonight. of course, phelps is widely considered the best swimmer in the world. he holds more olympic gold medals of anybody in the history of olympics. he ran into controversy last year after pictures surfaced of him apparently smoking pot at a party. phelps said hey, i'm sorry a musician scoring the first hit of his career by lashing out at united airlines with a music video on youtube. here it is, dave carroll a guitarist for canadian band called sons of maxwell. flying united claiming baggage handlers broke a guitar of his worth thousands of dollars. when he complained,
price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. >>> welcome back. quick "morning meeting" follow-up here. a new effort by congress to learn more about who and what led to the u.s. financial meltdown specifically again. when we delivered national capital, access to national capital by the trillions, $14 trillion at the fed, $2 trillion at the treasury, and did not demand terms from the banking system at the time we did that last fall, the "wall street journal" reports there is now a senate panel into looking at whether fraud by some of our big banks played a role. goldman sachs, deutsche bank, washington mutual have all been subpoenaed to see whether they identified the flaws in the system of that aig insurance scheme early, and either exploited it or did nothing about it. the investigation focusing on again those risky mortgage-related securities that were central. remember what they did is they just extracted the value of the homes, used it as a giant casino chip. the winners stayed with wall street, losers went to america. the senate basically wants to know whether the banks were publicly sin
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)